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Dealing with multiple API's can make it difficult to build the integrations your business requires. QueryBoost unifies all your services into a single GraphQL API. Giving you one place to get the exact data you need.

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How It Works

Connect a Service

QueryBoost will encrypt and securely store your API Key or OAuth Token

Create a Query

Use the Sandbox to create a GraphQL query, or write your own

Get Data

QueryBoost handles calling any services or endpoints to get the data you need






Coming soon!


Coming soon!


All the data you need. Only the data you need

Most API's return fields you don't need, while at the same time requiring you to make multiple requests to multiple endpoints to get all the data you do need. With QueryBoost you specify the exact fields you need and make one query. Even across services.

Only return the fields you need

Click and build queries

Stop hunting through documentation to find field names, endpoints or required inputs. With the QueryBoost Sandbox you can click and build queries in seconds.

Fast Prototyping

Building workflow automations or dashboards is difficult when you don't have data to work with yet. QueryBoost speeds up your development by providing realistic mock data.

Realistic Mock Data

One API. One API Key

Writing code to access multiple API's can be a hassle. Managing keys and handling different authentication methods slows you down. QueryBoost gives you one API endpoint and one API Key. For everything.

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